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Submitted: 01 Jun 2016

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IJPNI. 2016;3(1):5-5 doi: 10.15171/ijpni.2016.05

Formulation, Preliminary Evaluation and Antimicrobial Activity of a Herb based Kohl

Original Research

Rajiv Gupta *

ABSTRACT: Objectives: Kohl’s have been used since antiquity in various civilizations of the world and dates back to the Bronze Age. It is chiefly used by the females of South Asia, Middle East and Africa. It is known as "Qwalli" in West Africa and "surma", "Kajal", or "Kaadige" in South Asia. The most commonly used ingredient of kohl being galena has always been subjected to widespread criticism in view of lead intoxication. The concerns are even graver since kohl finds greater acceptability in women and infant population. In light of these facts, herbal kohl was formulated and evaluated. Methods: The authors aimed at formulation of a safe and cosmetically elegant herb based kohl suitable for use in women and children. Herbal kohl was formulated and scientific intent was used for selection of ingredients. The herbal kohl was evaluated on selected parameters and its antimicrobial potential was compared with comparator products. Results: Findings revealed that the test product afforded a decent antimicrobial efficacy and was cosmetically acceptable as indicated by pH, viscosity and particle size analysis and physical evaluation. Conclusion: The herbal kohl formulated showed antimicrobial activity, the major concern of the study; hence a test product with beneficial properties could be sought since kohl remains by far the most popular eye cosmetic especially amongst women.

Key words
Kohl, Kajal, Herbal kohl

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