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Submitted: 17 Aug 2016

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IJPNI. 2016, Volume 3; 1.   doi: 10.15171/ijpni.2016.01

Review Article
Phytocosmetics in Africa

Mona Hetta *

The demand of cosmetics from natural sources is increasing. It is attracted by the consumer market for their functional benefits. The phytocosmetics market of toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics has grown in the world market. This article aims to highlight and figure out phytocosmetics in Africa (Fig. 1). A survey from United States, showed the growth in using herbs by adults in cosmetics and in treatment of medical conditions in a rate of 3%- 12% - 21% in the years 1990 – 1997 – 2001 respectively.1 It was reported2 that 38 million people from US used herbal therapies. Developing cosmetics from Africa, as seed oils and its components, are attracting to international companies with marketing potential. The African beauty market is expected to be doubled in the next decade with increasing rate in sales, in the rate of 5-10 % of beauty care products. Spending on cosmetics in Africa per capita ranges from 10-20 times lower than in developed market, but Africans look for resurgence of phytocosmetic products and marketers are interested in the future growth.

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