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International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients
  An International Journal of Integrated Sciences ISSN: 2374-0639   

Executive Editors


Mona Hetta
Mona Hetta
Professor of Pharmacognosy,
Dean Of Faculty of Pharmacy
Fayoum University, Egypt

North America

David Fielder
David Fielder
Member of the Board of Directors, and Senior Editor; Bio-Industrial Opportunities Branch, Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Canada

Central America

Armando Cáceres
Armando Cáceres
Galileo University; Founder of the Farmaya Pharmaceutical, Guatemala

South America

Iguatemi Costa
Iguatemi Costa
Manager of Innovation, Natura, Brazil; Member of the Board of Directors, and Senior Editor
São Paulo , Brazil


Sunil D. Purohit
Member of the Board of Directors, and Senior Editor;Department of Botany, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India


Jose M. Prieto-Garcia
Jose M. Prieto-Garcia
Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy
University College of London, England



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The scope of phytocosmetic sciences includes product development and academic research to identify sustainable use of natural ingredients such as essential oils and other plant extracts in skin, hair and personal care products. The International Journals of Integrated Sciences series, provided by IJIS publishing Inc., are among leading peer reviewed open-access journals at many fields of expertise. The International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients [IJPNI] will enjoy support from extensive number of experts including professionals from fields of ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, cosmetic-pharmaceutical, medicinal plants research, and toxicology of natural products. The journal provides high-quality content to enhance understanding of the science and to substantiate efficacy of the related learning, teaching, and research. In addition, the publication will serve as credible source of information about the new research techniques, technology and product quality, and markets for natural cosmetic products.

IJIS Publishing Company [IJIS] was established in 2013 to provide access to the latest advanced scientific information about various topics by producing a number of peer reviewed online journals.  The Advisory Board at IJIS, Inc. reviews progress of publishing efforts while considering mission and vision set by the Board of Directors at the company.    

2015, Volume 2

 Original Research pp. 17 - 17  
  Caribbean Soursop (Annona Muricata) Varieties II: Annonaceous Acetogenin Properties
  Puran Bridgemohan*, Aphzal Mohammed, Ronell S. H. Bridgemohan
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Short Articles pp. 16 - 16  
  Identification of Centella Asiatica Extract in a Cosmetic Cream
  Paula Gladys López*, Alejandra Vanina Catalano, Ingrid María Cufre, Verónica Paola Tarcaya, Laura Carolina Cogoi, Adriana María Broussalis
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 15 - 15  
  Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Hypoglycemic Activity of Extracts from Thymelaea microphylla Coss. et Dur.
  Saliha Dahamna*, Khadidja Dehimi, Mounira Merghem, Meriem Djarmouni, Dalila Bouamra, Daoud Harzallah, et. al.
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 14 - 14  
  Cosmetic Antioxidant Potential of Extracts from Species of the Cinchona Pubescens (Vahl)
  Paco Noriega*, María Sola, Angelka Barukcic, Katic Garcia, Edison Osorio
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 13 - 13  
  Antithrombotic potential of plant products
  Milagros T. Garcia Mesa*
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 12 - 12  
  Evaluation of Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle L.) products as coloring, antimicrobial and antioxidant agents
  Sully M. Cruz*, Nereida Marroquín, Luis E. Alvarez, Dora E. Chang, Armando Cáceres
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 11 - 11  
  Effect of Organic Fertilization on Biomass Production and Bioactive Compounds in Passiflora incarnata L.
  Marcio Campos, Maíra Uliana, Daniel V. Montero*, Giuseppina Lima, Lin Chau Ming
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 10 - 10  
  N-methyl-2-phenylindole Colorimetric Method as Biomarker for Lipid Peroxidation in Pisum sativum
  María Juliana Restrepo Vega, José Hipólito Isaza Martínez*, Ana Julia Colmenares Dulcey
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 9 - 9  
  Plants Used to Treat Malaria in the Regions of Rio Branco-Acre State and Southern Amazonas State - Brazil
  Almecina Balbino Ferreira, Lin Chau Ming*, Moacir Haverroth, Douglas Charles Daly, Javier Caballero, Andrea M. Ballesté
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 8 - 8  
  Rapid Screening of Chemical Compositions of Gracilaria dura and Hypnea mucisformis (Rhodophyta) from Corsican Lagoon.
  Tao Xu*, Sylvain Sutour, Hervé Casabianca, Félix Tomi, Mathieu Paoli, Marie Garrido, et. al.
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 7 - 7  
  Phytochemical, antioxidant and antimicrobial parameters of essential oils and hydrosols of colombian Thyme and Rosemary obtained using two different steam distillation methods 
  Yann-Olivier Hay*, Miguel Antonio Abril Sierra, Mayra Tellez, Luis G. Sequeda C, Alba N. Tellez A, Catherine Bonnafous, et. al.
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 6 - 6  
  Piper genus: source of natural products with anti-tyrosinase activity favored in phytocosmetics
  Fabiana Almeda, Laura Astorga, Andrea Orellana, Ligia Sampuel, Paola Sierra, Isabel Gaitán, et. al.
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 5 - 5  
  Chemical composition of extracts from Chaetomorpha linum (Miller) Kütz. A potential use in the cosmetic Industry
  Sylvin Sutour*, Tao XU, Hervé Casabianca, Mathieu Paoli, Dominique de Rocca-Serra, Marie Garrido, et. al.
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 4 - 4  
  Identity Characteristics of three Guatemalan Edible and Medicinal species 
  Maria Eugenia Paredes Sánchez*, Nely Mariela Marroquín de Paz, Claudia Alejandra Osorio Salguero, Claudia Lucía Mata Asifuina, Nancy Gabriela Escobar Mena
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Short Articles pp. 3 - 3  
  Ethnobotany approach taperas of maroon communities of Alcântara, Maranhão, Brazil 
  Jairo Fernando Pereira Linhares*, Lin Chau Ming, Claudio Urbano Bitencourt Pinheiro, Maria Ivanilde de Araujo Rodrigues
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Original Research pp. 2 - 2  
  Contributions of natural ingredients from the Mesoamerican biodiversity for the phytocosmetic industry
  Armando Cáceres*, Sully M. Cruz
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML
 Editorial pp. 1 - 1  
  Phytocosmetics – where nature meets well-being
  Iguatemi Melo Costa*
      [PDF]      Abstract      DOI      XML

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