im体育赛事比分 工作场所的裙带关系可能会损害员工敬业度和保留率。 LaborSoft 分解了人力资源专业人员应该知道的破坏性场景

Nepotism in the workplace工作场所的裙带关系
Nepotism in the workplace can be a major headache for HR. One that’s should be avoided if at all possible. Nepotism, the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs, can easily lead to a 有毒的工作环境, or even lawsuits.  If the person being acquired is genuinely unfit for the job, promoted without cause, or allowed to break rules with impunity, nepotism can be cited and thus, create an unstable workplace that can cost companies more than just employee morale.


1 - 裙带关系会破坏敬业度和生产力


2 - 裙带关系损害员工保留

What is an employee going to do if they feel their work isn't valued, and they aren't being properly recognized for their efforts?  Assuming they're contractually free to do so, they're going to 在别处找工作.  Rampant nepotism within a company can easily drive away hard workers, and that can be disastrous in the long run. 

3 - 裙带关系招致诉讼


If there are multiple beneficiaries of nepotism, and they are all of the same race\religion\gender, this can become the basis for a 歧视诉讼.



简而言之,虽然围绕裙带关系的政治可能会使其变得困难,但 HR 应该尽最大努力减少工作场所的裙带关系。

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