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International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients
  An International Journal of Integrated Sciences ISSN: 2374-0639   

Executive Editors


Mona Hetta
Mona Hetta
Professor of Pharmacognosy,
Dean Of Faculty of Pharmacy
Fayoum University, Egypt

North America

David Fielder
David Fielder
Bio-Industrial Opportunities Branch
Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Canada

Central America

Armando Cáceres
Armando Cáceres
Farmaya Pharmecutical, Guatemala

South America

Iguatemi Costa
Iguatemi Costa
Natura Amazon Innovation Center
São Paulo , Brazil

South Asia

Uma Palanisamy
Uma Palanisamy
Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Monash University, Malaysia


Jose M. Prieto-Garcia
Jose M. Prieto-Garcia
Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy
University College of London, England

The International Journal of Phytocosmetic and Natural Ingredients [IJPNI] was established in 2013 to disseminate knowledge and information about the highest standards in sustainable, ethical, transparent scientific research, and to encourage industries efforts in assuring use of plant material in cosmetics and personal care products.  It will provide high quality articles related to phytocosmetics, phytochemistry, natural ingredients discovery and analysis, and any newly developed regulation, standards, markets, safety and sustainability of cosmetic and personal care products.
All manuscripts will be assigned specific Digital Object Identification number (DOI), checked by Cross-Check for authenticity, published online under international standards for an Open Access journal after completion of  peer review step, and will be indexed at various databases and will have Cross-Mark.  Cross-Mark links the new manuscript to all of published articles by the corresponding author, as well as web copies of all of its references. 
The society and IJPNI are supported in more than 17 countries with hundreds of members, experts in cosmetic industries, conveners of events such as the International Phytocosmetic Congress (IPC) series and semi-annual webinars, and authors of original research articles. The society invites you to visit IJPNI website and register your account [as an author].  Your account will be established after you respond to a confirmation email message. 
International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients [IJPNI] is an Open Access peer reviewed journal established in 2014, as an official online journal of the International Society for Phytocosmetic Science. Editor and reviewers are self appointed experts in many related fields.

Scope of IJPNI:

  • Phytocosmetics
  • Formulation
  • Natural Products
    • Hair
    • Skin
    • Personal care
  • Phytochemistry
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Product Safety
  • Standards and Regulation
IJIS Publishing Company [IJIS] was established in 2014 to provide access to the latest advanced scientific information about various topics by producing a number of peer reviewed online journals.  The Advisory Board at IJIS, Inc. reviews progress of publishing efforts while considering mission and vision set by the Board of Directors at the company.   

This is the official journal of the International Society for Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS). ISPS is a nonprofit, worldwide professional society comprised of individuals and institutions engaged in the science of using plant base ingredients in production of cosmetics and personal care products.

Supported by:

 The is a subsidiary of ISPS, engaged in production of international events including the International Phytocosmetic and Phytotherapy Congresses.  Main  organizational goal is to promote and foster advances in science and technology of using plant base ingredients in production of cosmetics and personal care products.

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